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Musée virtuel · 11 décembre 2018
🇺🇸Southern France is having many olives groves since 2000 century and more. After the Airborne opération. 15th and 16th of august 1944 farmers used many parachute canopy for olives harvest. this one found near la Motte was used until the 70's. the green color have been faded and unfortunatly durty by the olive oil when they walk in the olives during the rake picking... 🇫🇷 Après le parachutage en Provence.bon nombre de parachutes ont étés réutilisés pour la recolte des olives...

Musée virtuel · 20 novembre 2018
Robert T. Dodds was Born the 18th of march 1923 in Brooklin . New York. At age of 20 he joined the army on February the first 1943 . After 3 month at fort Benning Georgia at the parachute school and basic training he became part of the 517th parachute infantry regiment he specified as rifle man shooter and was then attached to light Mortar platoon. He left USA by boat to Europe in may the 17th 1944, arriving Italy the 31 of that month he took part with his unit to the Italian campaign where he...

Musée virtuel · 23 août 2018
X Type harness of the L ance Corporal J. ALLEN, 8 platoon "A" Coy 6th Royal Welsh Battalion.