In Memoriam

In Memoriam · 29 janvier 2020
Arthur SHERMAN have been killed in action during an attack of the Hill 1098 in col de braus. At about a hundred meters of the top of the hill he took a small peace of shrapnel in the temp, while under a german bombing.

In Memoriam · 29 janvier 2020
Private, U.S. Army Service # 35218224 517th Parachute Infantry Regimental Combat Team Entered the Service from: Ohio Died: 12-Sep-44 Buried at: Plot D Row 1 Grave 16 Rhone American Cemetery Draguignan, France Awards: Purple Heart James PACEY have been killed in action during the fights of the Hill 1098, the 12 of September 1944. His friend Ray HESS remember that James have been killed by a bullet while occupying an outpost the germans attacked on hill 1098.

In Memoriam · 29 janvier 2020
On August 15, 1944, he jumped into Provence in the "C" battery of the 460th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion. Just after the jump, his group is nailed to the ground near Trans en Provence by a German machine gun nest. 2nd Lt Harry MOORE and Pfc Philip KENNAMER decide with the help of a French Bataillon de Choc soldier (Jacques DEBRAY) to neutralize the enemy machine gun. All three will be killed during the assault. Le 15 août 1944, il saute en Provence dans la batterie "C" du 460th...

In Memoriam · 28 janvier 2020
Philip KENNAMER was born on July 26, 1915, in Madill, Marshall County, Oklahoma, USA. In 1934, at 19, Philip was found guilty of manslaughter after killing John GORELL in Tusla, Oklahoma. The latter plans to kidnap his girlfriend Virginia WILCOX. In 1943 he was paroled to engage airborne troops, a predestined place because a 1934 article described him as a "stuntman, he threw cars into the water, jumped out of windows, walked on the ledge from the roof of a large building "... On August 15,...

In Memoriam · 08 janvier 2020
Shortly after landing, he died in terrible circumstances at the three-well electricity pylon, on the heights of Les Arcs, near the hamlet of Nouradons, following the orders of his officer who thought he would cut a telephone line. Daniel Fisher will be electrocuted instantly. His charred body will be left behind by his comrades before he is buried in the Draguignan cemetery. Buried : Plot D Row 6 Grave 20, Rhone American Cemetary, Draguignan, France

In Memoriam · 07 janvier 2020
On this morning of 7 January 1945, the men of the 551st parachute battalion were next charged with taking the village of Rochelinval, Belgium, along the Salm River. While victorious in capturing Rochelinval and eliminating the last German bridgehead for over 10 miles (16 km) on the Salm River, the unit was virtually eliminated, having suffered more than 85% casualties. Relieved on 9 January 1945, of the 643 men who entered the battle on 3 January, only 14 Officers and 96 men remained. "Nowhere...

In Memoriam · 21 octobre 2019
François MAUGERI est né le 02 Août 1918 à CIHANOUA en Italie. Il s'engage le 01 Janvier 1943 dans l'armée secrète. Il sera tué le 16 Août 1944 lors de la libération de la ville de Draguignan par un tireur isolé posté à la Villa Gladys. Avançant rue Folletière complètement à découvert, le tireur ne lui laissa aucune chance.

In Memoriam · 13 juin 2019
Le 1er Novembre 1944, alors que des blessés sont évacués de Lyon vers Nice afin d'être mieux pris en charge, une erreur de pilotage fera que le Dakota C47, volant à basse altitude à cause d'un épais brouillard, percutera une montagne près d'Annonay. Il n'y aura pas de survivants.

In Memoriam · 13 juin 2019
William KERN est gradué le 17 février 1943 à Victorville en Californie. Il est alors officier au sein du 79th Troop Carrier Squadron, 436th Troop Carrier Group. Le 15 Aout 1944, alors qu'il pilote son planeur vers les landing zones du sud de la France, le Waco CG4A perd une aile en plein vol au large de la Corse se crashant en mer méditerranée. Robert HARDIN Jr, son copilote est aussi tué ainsi que ses passagers. (Source NARA)

In Memoriam · 12 juin 2019
Né à Sacramento, California, il sera breveté pilote le 17 février 1943, à Victorville en Californie. Membre du 99th Troop Carrier Squadron, 441st Troop Carrier Group, il participera à l'opération aérotransportée en Normandie le 6 Juin 1944, et pilotera son dernier planeur Waco CG4A lors de l'opération Dragoon où il décède le 15 Aout 1944. Army Serial Number 807 puis 0531344

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