2nd Independent Parachute Brigade

Field-Marshall Montgomery of Alamein said of
the 2nd Para.Bde:
What manner of men are these who wear
the maroon beret? …. They have shown
themselves to be as tenacious and
determined in defence, as they are
courageous in attack. They are in fact
men apart. Every man an Emperor.


Commanding Officer : Brigadier CHV PRITCHARD
Brigade Headquarter
6th Parachute Battalion "Welsh" 
300th Anti-Tank Airlanding
64th Light Artillery Airlanding
No.3 Forward Observation Unit, RA
1st Independent Glider Pilot Squadron Army AAC
751st Parachute Brigade Coy Royal Army Service Corps
127th Parachute Field Ambulance
2nd Independent Para Brigade Group Workshop REME
2nd Parachute Brigade Provost Section
2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion, "A" Company, US