64th Airlanding Light Battery, RA

If you are part of the family of one of those men, please contact us. We are still searching for informations about those heroes.


Battery Commander : Major D.M. DUNCAN

2nd in Command : Captain R. MARTIN, attached to Brigade Hq

Bty Command Post Officer : Lieutenant J.V. WEST -> "A" Troop

Bty Command Post Officer : Lieutenant H.T WALLEY -> "B" Troop

Forward Observer : Captain J.D. SKAIFE D'INGERTHORPE -> Att'd 4th Bn

Forward Observer : Lieutenant G.H. CROSSLEY -> Att'd 6th Bn

Forward Observer : Lieutenant D.W. ABBOTT -> Att'd 5th Bn


Lieutenant S.W. WORSLEY

Lieutenant E.A. WALMSLEY

Lieutenant A.H.J. DOREY