The 6th "Royal Welch" Parachute Battalion

If you are part of the family of one of those men, please contact us. We are still searching for informations about those heroes.


Commanding officer : Lieutenant-Colonel V.W. BARLOW

2nd in Command : Major W.C. LAWSON

Adjudant : Captain N.M. BOYS

Quartermaster : Lieutenant T.C. BEEVOR

Administrative Officer : Lieutenant R.V. PHILLIPS

Regimental Signal Officer : Lieutenant L.M. NEILL

Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant G.H SEAL

Regimental Medical Officer : Captain S.D. STOCK 

Reverend : Captain L. OTTEWELL

Brigade Liaison Officer : Captain C.A.R. CROSLAND

Battalion Liaison Officer : Lieutenant G.H. CRISP

Photographer : Lieutnant Noel POWELL DAVIES


Regimental Sergeant Major : Warrant Officer I H. HUGUES

Headquarter Support Company

Commanding Officer : Major E.W. MICHELL

2nd in Command : Captain M.G. CARR

Mortar platoon : Lieutenant P.K. WRIGHT

Machine Gun Platoon : 2nd Lieutenant H.G BOSSE

Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant D.T LLOYD

Assault Platoon : Lieutenant V.A.E. TAYLOR

Company Sergeant Major : Warrant Officer II A.W. HARRIS

"A" Company

Commanding Officer : Major L.A. FITZROY-SMITH

2nd in Command : Captain K.W.B. MURPHY

n°7 Platoon : Lieutenant L.M. ROWLANDS

n°8 Platoon : Lieutenant R.A. WILLIAMS

n°9 Platoon : 2nd Lieutenant J.H BEER

Company Sergeant Major : Sergeant T.G. JENKINS

"B" Company

Commanding Officer : Major H. LLOYD JONES

2nd in Command : Captain Anthony FARRAR-HOCKLEY

n°10 Platoon : Lieutenant R.J. WARD

n°11 Platoon : Lieutenant N. VOGELMAN

n°12 Platoon : 2nd Lieutenant S.L.H. GROWDEN

Company Sergeant Major : Warrant Officer II C. BASS

"C" Company

Commanding Officer : Major D.F. JONES

2nd in Command : Captain A.J. MASTERTON

n°13 Platoon : Lieutenant STOFFBERG

n°14 Platoon : Lieutenant W.G. PIERCE

n°15 Platoon : Lieutenant F.W. ASHBY

Company Sergeant Major : Warrant Officer II G.A. DAVIES

Having been part of the Battalion

Major D. Fleming JONES


Captain D. LLOYD DAVIES -> Training  Officer

Captain S.H. GOSS

Captain L.A. HOLDEN -> Training Officer

Lieutenant D.L. ATKINS

Lieutenant M.G. CARR

Lieutenant CAVE-BROWN

Lieutenant E.P. GIRLING -> Ex 1st Parachute Battalion

Lieutenant P.R.M. GLYN-EVANS


Lieutenant L.D. JONES

Lieutenant T.J. JONES

Lieutenant M. LAMBERT

Lieutenant Lennard DAVIES

2nd Lieutenant L. DAVIES

2nd Lieutenant W.B. DUTHIE

2nd Lieutenant G.R. EDWARDS -> Killed in training August 19, 1942

2nd Lieutenant ELLIS

2nd Lieutenant J.P. MATHIAS

Sergeant BARSH

Caporal LEWIS -> Killed in training November 17, 1942