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Histoire · 26 March 2023
Commanding officer : Lieutenant-Colonel V.W. BARLOW 2nd in Command : Major W.C. LAWSON Adjudant : Captain N.M. BOYS Quartermaster : Lieutenant T.C. BEEVOR Administrative Officer : Lieutenant R.V. PHILLIPS Regimental Signal Officer : Lieutenant L.M. NEILL Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant G.H SEAL Regimental Medical Officer : Captain S.D. STOCK Reverend : Captain L. OTTEWELL Brigade Liaison Officer : Captain C.A.R. CROSLAND Battalion Liaison Officer : Lieutenant G.H. CRISP Photographer :...
Veterans · 01 November 2020
Alex SUTTON was born in Liverpool in November 1923 and was educated at Leamington Road School. In 1939 he joined the Air Cadet Force and later became member of the Home Guard. Aged 17 he enlisted into The Royal Welch Fusiliers in may 1941 and became a member of the airborne forces when 10th Battalion. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Hilary Vaughan Pritchard, the 10th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers was converted to the 6th (Royal Welch) Parachute Battalion in August 1942. It was...

Veterans · 23 April 2020
Charles Hilary Vaughan PRITCHARD was born 29th November 1905 in London. He was the son of Lt.-Col. Charles Hamerton Pritchard. . He was educated at Cambridge, before joining the royal Welsh Fuliers in 1927. After some various assignements, he became Adjutant of the 53rd Welsh Infantry Division. In August 1942 he was commanding the 10th Battalion The Royal Welsh Fusiliers when it was converted as an airborne unit and became the 6th Royal Welsh Parachute Battalion. In May 43, he let the 6th Para...

Musée virtuel · 23 August 2018
X Type harness of the L ance Corporal J. ALLEN, 8 platoon "A" Coy 6th Royal Welsh Battalion.

In Memoriam · 18 October 2017
WILLIAMS John Rank : Corporal Service number : 4208945 Regiment : 6th Parachute Battalion Date of death : August 15, 1944 Note from Dough MARKHAM : Whilst parachuting into France, a friend of mine, the Corporal John WILLIAMS had the misfortune to land in a tree where he was shot by the ennemy as he was hanging there. John was only twenty-one years old.

In Memoriam · 18 October 2017
THOMAS Gwilym John Rank : Corporal Service number : 1202317 Regiment : 6th Parachute Battalion Date of death : August 15, 1944 Note : Place of death unknown

In Memoriam · 18 October 2017
STEVENSON Leonard Rank : Private Service number : 5783995 Regiment : 6th Parachute Battalion Date of death : August 17, 1944 Note : Killed in action during the attack of the german convoy in the road Grasse / Draguignan. See more...