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Veterans · 17 janvier 2020
(Page under construction with courtezy of Spike Nolan daughter Carol and Grand daughter Danielle) James Spike NOLAN, Member of the "B" company, 4th British parachute battalion of the 2nd independent para brigade, part of the First Airborne Task Force division dropped in southern France between villages of La Motte, Le Mitan and Le Muy on Drop Zone "O" at 4.30 am on the 15th of August 1944. The 2nd independent para brigade, was part of the First Airborne Task Force division, the Airborne part of...

Veterans · 17 décembre 2019
John Henry De Beer, a South African seconded to the British Army, joined the Ist Indep Para Platoon, the pathfinder unit of 2nd Indep Para Bde in Italy in the beginning of 1945 as one of its last batch of reinforcements. When the Platoon disbanded in UK in the late summer of 1945, he joined its parent unit, 21st Indep Para Coy, with which he served in Palestine until his secondment ceased on 29 Dec 45. He was released from service with South African forces on Ist May 46. It is not known which...

Veterans · 17 décembre 2019
Dumbo, a nickname he acquired during parachute training and by which he was universally known (or “Cowboy”) was born on 29" January, 1918, in York and was educated at Cranleigh College. He was orphaned in 1931 and three years later at the age of 16 years he emigrated to Australia, where he spent an adventurous and tough five years, working hard as a drover (cowboy), Rodeo performer, horse-breaker and you name it what else. When war broke out in 1939 he returned to England and, after being...

Veterans · 07 août 2019
Glynne George MEDLICOTT, né le 20 Septembre 1922, à Church Stretton (UK). Avant la guerre , il occupe un poste de boucher dans son petit village. Il s'engage le 20 septembre 1941 , le jour de ses 19 ans , à Shrewsbury. Tout d'abord incorporé au Royal Berkshire Regiment, il rejoint les parachutistes au debut de l'année 1943 à Larkhill, et est incorporé au 21st Independent Parachute Company, les éclaireurs. Il sera breveté instructeur armes de poing et conducteur poid lourd , et servira...

Histoire · 30 juin 2019
Commanding Officer : Major Dennis VERNON Second in command : Captain CW MASON Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant BURGESS A Troop Commanding Officer : Captain Ian L. Mc HARG A Troop second in command : Lieutenant D.B. THOMAS B Troop Commanding Officer : Captain J.W. SHAW B Troop second in command : Lieutenant O.W. ATKINS C Troop Commanding Officer : Captain N.A. SIMPSON C Troop second in command : Lieutenant Brian W. HOLTAM Headquarter officer : Lieutenant George K. CRUICKSHANK Squadron Sergeant...

Musée virtuel · 23 août 2018
X Type harness of the L ance Corporal J. ALLEN, 8 platoon "A" Coy 6th Royal Welsh Battalion.

Histoire · 15 juin 2018
Roster of the 1st Independent pathfinder platoon for operation dragoon August 15, 1944

Veterans · 06 juin 2018
. Born 12-12-1924, CHAPPELL Thomas first served with the Highland Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion. He saw battlefront for the first time in Egypt, where he participated to the battle of Keren, March 1941. The unit then transfered to Lybia, where they fight in June 1942 during the battle of Knightsbridges, and then in july 1942 during the battle of El Alamein .

In Memoriam · 18 octobre 2017
WILLIAMS John Rank : Corporal Service number : 4208945 Regiment : 6th Parachute Battalion Date of death : August 15, 1944 Note from Dough MARKHAM : Whilst parachuting into France, a friend of mine, the Corporal John WILLIAMS had the misfortune to land in a tree where he was shot by the ennemy as he was hanging there. John was only twenty-one years old.

In Memoriam · 18 octobre 2017
THOMAS Gwilym John Rank : Corporal Service number : 1202317 Regiment : 6th Parachute Battalion Date of death : August 15, 1944 Note : Place of death unknown

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