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Histoire · 27 March 2023
Commanding Officer -> Major A.R. COULTHARD
Histoire · 27 March 2023
Commanding Officer : Captain R.H. WATSON
Histoire · 27 March 2023
Commanding Officer : Captain H.J.C. CORNISH Supplies Officer : Captain R.G. THOMAS Transport Officer : Lieutenant J.B. DALZIEL
Histoire · 27 March 2023
Battery Commander : Major D.M. DUNCAN 2nd in Command : Captain R. MARTIN, attached to Brigade Hq Bty Command Post Officer : Lieutenant J.V. WEST -> "A" Troop Bty Command Post Officer : Lieutenant H.T WALLEY -> "B" Troop Forward Observer : Captain J.D. SKAIFE D'INGERTHORPE -> Att'd 4th Bn Forward Observer : Lieutenant G.H. CROSSLEY -> Att'd 6th Bn Forward Observer : Lieutenant D.W. ABBOTT -> Att'd 5th Bn Lieutenant S.W. WORSLEY Lieutenant E.A. WALMSLEY Lieutenant A.H.J. DOREY
Histoire · 26 March 2023
Commanding officer : Lieutenant-Colonel V.W. BARLOW 2nd in Command : Major W.C. LAWSON Adjudant : Captain N.M. BOYS Quartermaster : Lieutenant T.C. BEEVOR Administrative Officer : Lieutenant R.V. PHILLIPS Regimental Signal Officer : Lieutenant L.M. NEILL Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant G.H SEAL Regimental Medical Officer : Captain S.D. STOCK Reverend : Captain L. OTTEWELL Brigade Liaison Officer : Captain C.A.R. CROSLAND Battalion Liaison Officer : Lieutenant G.H. CRISP Photographer :...
Veterans · 25 November 2021
James GOURLAY was born on November 28, 1918 in Greenock, Scotland. He studied at Kelvinside, then at the Edinburgh academy where he was the captain of the pool team. In July 1939, he enlisted in the "Royal Scots", and in October 1940 was commissioned with the "Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders". First incorporated into a machine gun section (341st Machine Gun), he will then be transferred to the 6th and 15th A&SH battalions. In 1941, he married Sybil EDWARDS, before being transferred to the...

Histoire · 23 July 2021
Commanding Officer Lieutnant J. PIERCE Sergeant F. FISHER L/Corporal C. BAILEY / Attached to 4th Para Battalion L/Corporal D. BRENNAN L/Corporal F. GUEST L/Corporal GRIBBLE L/Corporal W. PURVIS L/Corporal A. REYNOLDS Corporal J. EDWARDS
Histoire · 21 July 2021
Commander : Brigadier Charles PRITCHARD Deputy Commander : Colonel Tom C.H. PEARSON Brigade Major : Major John L. WILLIAMS Deputy Assistant Adjudant and Quatermaster General : Major John W. PEARSON G3 ( Air) : Captain H.J. FULLER Intelligence Officer : Captain D.S. WEST-RUSSELL Staff Captain : Captain C.P. HEYGATE Brigade R.A.S.C Officer : Captain Joe G. SIBBALD Ordnance Section : Captain R. BARNETT Chaplain : Captain/Reverend B. FENLON Forward Observation Bombardment : Captain A. HARRISON...

Veterans · 01 November 2020
Alex SUTTON was born in Liverpool in November 1923 and was educated at Leamington Road School. In 1939 he joined the Air Cadet Force and later became member of the Home Guard. Aged 17 he enlisted into The Royal Welch Fusiliers in may 1941 and became a member of the airborne forces when 10th Battalion. Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Charles Hilary Vaughan Pritchard, the 10th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers was converted to the 6th (Royal Welch) Parachute Battalion in August 1942. It was...

Veterans · 20 May 2020
Sergeant TUCKER and the incredible story of the German Head-Quarter in La Motte. Southern France : He joined the airborne in may 1943, from a Royal Artillery where he was a pre-war TA Sergeant, but willingly dropped a rank to do so. After Hardwick and Ringway parachute school, he joined the 5th Scottish battalion in the summer of 1943 in time to leave for north Africa. Once in the middle East he took part in the 1st Airborne division landing at Taranto in 1943 and fought from november 43 to may...

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