In Memoriam · 07 juin 2021
Marion L. ADAMS is born October 4th , 1917 in Kenton, Kentucky. He enlisted in the army May 26, 1943 in Louisville, Kentucky as a private. He formerly worked as electrician. He is killed by a mine explosion November 28th, 1944 after 18 months in service as part of the 460th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion.

In Memoriam · 29 janvier 2020
On August 15, 1944, he jumped into Provence in the "C" battery of the 460th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion. Just after the jump, his group is nailed to the ground near Trans en Provence by a German machine gun nest. 2nd Lt Harry MOORE and Pfc Philip KENNAMER decide with the help of a French Bataillon de Choc soldier (Jacques DEBRAY) to neutralize the enemy machine gun. All three will be killed during the assault. Le 15 août 1944, il saute en Provence dans la batterie "C" du 460th...

In Memoriam · 28 janvier 2020
Philip KENNAMER was born on July 26, 1915, in Madill, Marshall County, Oklahoma, USA. In 1934, at 19, Philip was found guilty of manslaughter after killing John GORELL in Tusla, Oklahoma. The latter plans to kidnap his girlfriend Virginia WILCOX. In 1943 he was paroled to engage airborne troops, a predestined place because a 1934 article described him as a "stuntman, he threw cars into the water, jumped out of windows, walked on the ledge from the roof of a large building "... On August 15,...