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Histoire · 23 July 2021
Commanding Officer Lieutnant J. PIERCE Sergeant F. FISHER L/Corporal C. BAILEY / Attached to 4th Para Battalion L/Corporal D. BRENNAN L/Corporal F. GUEST L/Corporal GRIBBLE L/Corporal W. PURVIS L/Corporal A. REYNOLDS Corporal J. EDWARDS
Histoire · 21 July 2021
Commander : Brigadier Charles PRITCHARD Deputy Commander : Colonel Tom C.H. PEARSON Brigade Major : Major John L. WILLIAMS Deputy Assistant Adjudant and Quatermaster General : Major John W. PEARSON G3 ( Air) : Captain H.J. FULLER Intelligence Officer : Captain D.S. WEST-RUSSELL Staff Captain : Captain C.P. HEYGATE Brigade R.A.S.C Officer : Captain Joe G. SIBBALD Ordnance Section : Captain R. BARNETT Chaplain : Captain/Reverend B. FENLON Forward Observation Bombardment : Captain A. HARRISON...

Veterans · 23 April 2020
Charles Hilary Vaughan PRITCHARD was born 29th November 1905 in London. He was the son of Lt.-Col. Charles Hamerton Pritchard. . He was educated at Cambridge, before joining the royal Welsh Fuliers in 1927. After some various assignements, he became Adjutant of the 53rd Welsh Infantry Division. In August 1942 he was commanding the 10th Battalion The Royal Welsh Fusiliers when it was converted as an airborne unit and became the 6th Royal Welsh Parachute Battalion. In May 43, he let the 6th Para...

Histoire · 20 February 2020
Commanding Officer : Lieutenant-Colonel H.B. COXEN 2nd in Command : Major J.L. de V. MARTIN Adjudant : Captain R.V. St LAWRENCE Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant E.G COLE Regimental Signal Officer : Lieutenant R.N. GEALL Quartermaster : Lieutenant A. WRIGHT Administrative Officer : Captain D.H. MARLOW Regimental Medical Officer : Captain J.P. IRWIN Reverend : Captain E.N DOWNING Rear Party : Captain S. BARRATT Regimental Sergeant Major : Warrant Officer I G. AINGER