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After landing he took part to the liberation of Le Muy and then moved East, along the coast. to Frejus, then Grasse, the Var river valley, and moved north along the italian border to the Gorges de Daluis to arrived end of september in the area of Barcelonnette.

Histoire · 28 juin 2020
The 887th Engineer Company was one of the great but virtually unknow outfit of World war tow. Constituted on the 25 of august 1942, in the Army of the United States from men of Company B, 871st Airborne Engineer Battalion. It was officially activated 1 September 1942 at Westover Field, Massachusetts . The company left Westover by train at 9am on the 7th of october 1942, to Langley field Virginia. On the 15th of October the Company left United States at Chesapeare bay by ship on USS Florence...

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Après le second conflit mondial, des tonnes d'équipement militaire de l'armée américaine sont restés sur les champs de bataille. La plupart ont étés détruits mais beaucoup ont étés utilisés par la population civile. Très peu ont survécus après plus de 75 ans. Cette histoire commence en août 1944 lorsque Pierrot, un jeune garçon français de douze ans d'un petit village du sud de la France, jouait après l'école dans les planeurs qui venaient atterris dans les vignobles autour...

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Earl T HADLEY was born on the 14th of July 1921 , at West Avoca ,Pennsylvania. Before the war he was a short-order cook in New York City, he left home at 16. He joined the US Army on the 13th of august 1940 at New York city. He was volunteer for Rifle M1 expert training, light machine gun sharpshooting, heavy machine gun and 45 pistol expert training. On september the 26th 1940, he was in Cristobal Harbor, Panama. He soon became private first class and joinned the 550th infantry battalion. From...

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There is some people you meet one day in your life, and they host a place in your Heart for ever. Charlie and his lovely wife Rena were that kind of people. They came in La Motte and Le Muy, southern France landing zone for the 50th anniversary, August 1994. we spend those days together, trying to locate the place he landed on his glider, places he was , and villages he liberated. Charlie was born on september the 28th 1925, he join the army and was soon volonteer for airborne training....

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William KERN est élève breveté pilote de la U.S. Airforce le 17 février 1943 à Victorville en Californie. Il est alors officier au sein du 79th Troop Carrier Squadron, 436th Troop Carrier Group. Le 15 Août 1944, alors qu'il pilote son planeur vers les landing zones du sud de la France, le Waco CG4A perd une aile en plein vol au large de la Corse se crashant en mer Méditerranée. Robert HARDIN Jr, son copilote est aussi tué ainsi que ses passagers. (Source NARA)

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Né à Sacramento (Californie), il sera breveté pilote de la U.S. Airforce le 17 février 1943 à Victorville (Californie). Membre du 99th Troop Carrier Squadron, 441st Troop Carrier Group, il participera à l'opération aérotransportée en Normandie le 6 Juin 1944, et pilotera son dernier planeur Waco CG4A lors de l'opération Dragoon où il décède le 15 Août 1944. Nous recherchons à ce jour des informations sur les circonstances de l'accident. Army Serial Number 807 puis 0531344

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George "Tex" C. JACKSON was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the son of a career army officer and in his youth with his family he traveled the world. He was the oldest, and had tow sisters, Mary Ann, and Jeanne. At a nearly age he learned to fight because he was Always a stranger in a new town and he eventualy became a boxer. He had friends from every colors in a age that was frowned upon and was blessed of many tallents, he exelled in every sport he played, taught himself to play guitar, ,...