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Veterans · 22 April 2020
IL est le commandant en chef de l'opération aéroportée de Provence, le père des "Diables rouges". Robert Tryon Frederick est né le 14 mars 1907 à San Francisco. Il a fréquenté la Staunton Military Academy de 1923 à 1924 et la United States Military Academy (USMA) à West Point de 1924 à 1928. Une fois diplômé de West Point, New York, il a été nommé sous-lieutenant du Coast Artillery Corps of the United Armée des États. Il est diplômé du U.S.Army Command and General Staff...

Histoire · 30 June 2019
Commanding Officer : Major Dennis VERNON Second in command : Captain CW MASON Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant BURGESS A Troop Commanding Officer : Captain Ian L. Mc HARG A Troop second in command : Lieutenant D.B. THOMAS B Troop Commanding Officer : Captain J.W. SHAW B Troop second in command : Lieutenant O.W. ATKINS C Troop Commanding Officer : Captain N.A. SIMPSON C Troop second in command : Lieutenant Brian W. HOLTAM Headquarter officer : Lieutenant George K. CRUICKSHANK Squadron Sergeant...

Histoire · 15 June 2018
Roster of the 1st Independent pathfinder platoon for operation dragoon August 15, 1944

Veterans · 06 June 2018
. Born 12-12-1924, CHAPPELL Thomas first served with the Highland Light Infantry, 2nd Battalion. He saw battlefront for the first time in Egypt, where he participated to the battle of Keren, March 1941. The unit then transfered to Lybia, where they fight in June 1942 during the battle of Knightsbridges, and then in july 1942 during the battle of El Alamein .

Veterans · 17 October 2017
In the regular army since 1938, Marks spent three years in Honolulu. He went overseas in October, 1943. In 1941, he re-enlisted and was sent to the Panama Canal Zone. After two years there he was transferred to the Caribbean area. He then returned to this country and was sent to Italy and then to Southern France. The 15 of August 1944, Lester and his unit land by glider in the LZ "O" ( Le Mitan ) at 18h30. Two hours after landing the main force was assembled and under control of Lt Col Edward...