ARTICLES AVEC LE TAG : "550th Glider Infantry Battalion"

Veterans · 29 août 2020
After landing he took part to the liberation of Le Muy and then moved East, along the coast. to Frejus, then Grasse, the Var river valley, and moved north along the italian border to the Gorges de Daluis to arrived end of september in the area of Barcelonnette.

Veterans · 17 octobre 2017
In the regular army since 1938, Marks spent three years in Honolulu. He went overseas in October, 1943. In 1941, he re-enlisted and was sent to the Panama Canal Zone. After two years there he was transferred to the Caribbean area. He then returned to this country and was sent to Italy and then to Southern France. The 15 of August 1944, Lester and his unit land by glider in the LZ "O" ( Le Mitan ) at 18h30. Two hours after landing the main force was assembled and under control of Lt Col Edward...