ALTO Lawrence, Glider pilot. US air Force.

Lawrence ALTO was born on the 10th of january 1921, prior enlisted in the US Air Force he was in a General School Academy/

1937 - Football

1938-1940 Boxing, Wrestling and Tumbling

1939 - Aviation theory and model Airplane


on the 31 May 1944 he was attached to the Ninety Fifth Troop Carrier Squadron as Officer of the squadron surgeon

5. flying Personnel Grounded:

F/O Alto, Lawrence L T-122096 acute Otitis Media, Right. (ear infection) He was hospitalized or quartered. This may have kept him from flying Normandy -A-0995-937


On august 15th 1944 he flew the Southern France Operation Dragoon. 

attached to the 95th Troop Carrier Squadron of the 440th Troop Carrier Group


Flight Officer Lawrence L ALTO was killed in action on the 16th August 1944 as pilot of a CG-4A glider which crashed  on the Landing Zone in Southern France, carrying out the mission Bigot Dragoon named "Dove -A-0995-1942"

Diary for 15 August 

A0995 1047 Narrative Bigot Dragoon mission:

...At 1600 of the same day, 15 August 1944 the 95th Troop carrier Squadron carried out its first tactical Glider tow mission on landing zone "A", triangled villages of Trans en Provence, La Motte and Les Arcs.