JENNER William H, Glider Pilot Regiment, August 19 1944

JENNER William Roy


Rank : Sergent


Service number : 2058532


Regiment : The glider pilot regiment


Date of death : August 19, 1944


Note : Prior to volunteering for the glider pilot Regiment, Roy served with the royal engineers and the royal artillery. 


      At the end of 1943 the glider pilot regiment departed Italy, but left behind a group of glider pilots who formed the independent Squadron. Roy became a member of this squadron. 


     On 15th august 1944 he took part in the invasion of Southern France piloting one of the 35 Horsa gliders. While approaching the landing zone near the town of Le Muy, his glider was hit by artillery fire. The glider crashed to the ground taking out a german gun post. Roy was killed as a result. 

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