BIRTLES Joseph, 127th PFA, 15/08/44

BIRTLES Joseph Henry


Rank : Private


Service number : 7380344


Regiment : 127th Para Field Ambulance


Date of death : Tuesday, August 15, 1944


Note : Killed in action during the attack of the Castle Les Serres. See More...



A warm thank you to Alistair Wilcox, for his help to keep the memory of his great uncle Joseph Birtles alive.

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    Alistair J Wilcox (lundi, 18 juin 2018 11:36)

    Thank you for this addition and what happened at the attack on Castle Les Serres on 15.08.1944 as Joseph is my Great Uncle and I (like Joe) was also to serve in the British Military (1986-1999) so was very interested in his story. I am also the supplier to Paradata.org of the original photographs used above and I am also in possession of the official 'killed in action' telegram send by the UK government to our family informing us of Joe's death together with a letter of condolence from the RAMC Record Office from a Major F.B Hailstone. It is my intention to visit the area and Joe's grave in 2020 as not only being possibly the first family member to visit but also in remembrance of all who gave their lives in the Liberation offensive as a now serving member of the Royal British Legion. I look forward to my visit to the area and learning more of Joe & his regiment's history during the offensive.

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    Alistair J Wilcox (lundi, 18 juin 2018 11:43)

    "Lest We Forget"

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    margaret perry (dimanche, 13 octobre 2019 15:47)

    Hello, Joe was also my great uncle, my mother's uncle. My sister, son (also Joe) and I visited Joe's grave last year. I would love to get in touch with you if that is possible. Margaret Perry.

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    Alistair J Wilcox (mardi, 03 mars 2020 16:15)

    Hi Margaret - Sorry - I've only just seen your post. Would be very interested in piecing together the family connection. You can reach me at alistairwilcox@hotmail.co.uk - I'm the Nottinghamshire County Rep for the Royal British Legion Riders Branch and 4 of us are planning to ride our bikes all the way to Joe's grave to lay a wreath in line with this year's anniversary as well as visit the Op Dragoon Museum, drop site etc.