ARTICLES AVEC LE TAG : "Saint Martin Vésubie"

Histoire · 03 décembre 2019
The 1st Battalion, 551st Parachute Infantry Regiment was activated on 26 November 1942 at Fort Kobbe in the Panama Canal Zone. Its initial cadre came from Company C of the 501st Parachute Infantry Battalion, while the rest of that battalion was absorbed into the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment. Its first draft of new men was gathered in the Frying Pan Area of Fort Benning, Georgia, on 30 October 1942. Those personnel were trained as paratroopers through the Parachute School Replacement Pool...
Veterans · 03 décembre 2019
Web is sometimes full of good surprises... Some years ago was found on a flea Market mess kit ungraved of Lieutnant HARSH , officer from A company of the 551st parachute infantry Batallion. Because we posted that discover on this web site, Lieutnant HARSH grand son Jacob came in touch with us and together we are so happy to honnor his grand father on that page. (under construction)