COLLINSON Thomas, A battery, 602nd Glider Field Artillery battalion

Tom COLLINSON was born in Wayne county, Detroit Michigan.

Attached to the 602nd field Artillery battalion, on A battery, he landed by glider in the afternoon of the 15th of august 1944, on landing Zone "A", near the village of La Motte .  At the end of the day, the unit was able to assembly 11 of his 75mm pack howitzer. 

On the 16, in the vigneyard front of Chateau Valbourges, the 551st and 602nd head quarter, Thomas COLLINSON was working to setup one of these howitzer when a wave of air supply was dropped around. during this drop a ammunition bundle had a parachute failure and explosed close to him . Tom died of his wounds soon after he was able to be evacuated to Valbourges field hospital. 

He was the only child of Mr and Mrs COLLINSON. He is burried at Draguignan Rhône cemetery, just 4 miles from where he died.